Terms and Conditions onboard

Pick Up, Drop Off, and Docking

Pick-ups can occur at all accessible and safe locations for passengers and boats. Stops are permitted at multiple lake sites. The assessment of suitable structures for pick-up and drop-off is solely conducted by the captain, ensuring the safety of both passengers and the boat. During pick-up and drop-off, passengers must remain seated to allow space for the captain to dock safely.


We kindly ask all passengers to be polite and respectful to the captain and the vessel itself, as it is crucial for ensuring a safe and enjoyable experience on board. Please note that failure to follow the restrictions outlined below will result in the immediate termination of the activity. In the case of immediate termination for such reasons, the service will not be refunded.

– No Smoking: Smoking is strictly prohibited on the boat to prevent fire hazards and maintain a clean environment.

– No Glassware: To minimize the risk of accidents and injuries, please use only plastic or non-glass containers for beverages on board. Glassware is strictly prohibited.

– No Standing on Couches: To ensure the safety of passengers and prevent damage to the boats, standing on couches or other seating areas is not permitted. However, customers may request permission from the captain to temporarily stand on a couch for the purpose of taking photographs. Such requests will be considered on a case-by-case basis, taking into account safety and the furniture’s condition.

– No Pets: For the safety and comfort of all passengers, please refrain from bringing pets on board (excluding service animals).


Guests are welcome to bring their own drinks on board, with the exception of red wine. We encourage responsible drinking.

Swimming Guidelines

Guests who choose to swim do so at their own risk. It is forbidden to dive from the boat or enter the water during navigation. It is forbidden to swim or dive from the boat without the captain’s authorization. For such activities, kindly ask the captain to take you to a suitable location. The captain will not be held responsible for any injuries, accidents, or other incidents that may occur during swimming activities. Guests are advised to bring their own towels for personal use onboard.

Objects on Board

Lake Como Water Taxi and the captain are in no way responsible for personal belongings left on board.


Lake Como Water Taxi declines any form of responsibility for any damage or injuries deriving from the aforementioned activities. With the reading of this document, Lake Como Water Taxi and the captain are indemnified.

Thank you for choosing Lake Como Water Taxi! 

We look forward to welcoming you and making your time on Lake Como unforgettable!